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We are an award winning songwriting team focused on educating children about responsible pet ownership.

Listen, Dance and Learn with your four legged friend

Ranger Tam's Mini Jamz was created in 2010 by Tamara and Peta. Both girls have been working in the pet industry (Council Ranger and Vet Nurse) for the past 10 years.

They both feel strongly about responsible pet education and felt that childrens music would be an easy way for children to learn.

Our music is upbeat, fun and educational. The children will learn their responsibilities and pet laws in simple way.

The music teaches children about dog behaviour, lost pets, littering, barking, walking dogs on lead, buying and selecting pets, desexing pets, visits to the vet, microchip and registration etc.


Animals have multiple positive effects on children. Many children are citing animals as sources of emotional support, but owning a pet can have an impact on the lives of children in just about any circumstances.
Some of the benefits of having a furry friend include:

Development of social skills
Particularly empathy and communication, both of which are of interest to those studying autism.

Calming effect
During high stress or traumatic situations, pets seem to provide comfort to children.

Fighting childhood obesity
Just as with adults, walking and playing with dogs provides physical activity that many children wouldn't get otherwise.

Building up the immune system
Early exposure to pets may have a protective effect, decreasing the chances of a child developing allergies.